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Proper Dress
- Dress for the weather. For cold weather, wear synthetics or wool, which hold warmth even when wet.
- Pants and long sleeves help protect skin from poisonous plants, bug bites and sunburn. This is strongly recommended even in hot weather.
- Wear hats and work boots (preferably waterproof), or waders if volunteers will get in the water.
- Bring bottled water. It is important that everyone drink water -- even in cold weather.
- It takes energy to cleanup and paddle down a river. Bring pleanty of snacks and/or lunch.

Suggested Protective Gear

- Work gloves
- Work Boots with hard soles
- Protective eye-wear, if working with tools and/or machinery
- Personal Flotation Device (PFD, life-vest) (if floating the river) will be provided to every participant.
- Sunscreen
- Insect repellant

Download the American Canoe
Association "Paddler's Safety Checklist"

Paddler Safety Checklist